Want the BEST credit card?

As promised in the Fighting Back! book, here are two of the best credit card options for you to consider as of today:

Simmons First Bank: Visa Platinum 7.25%

On line at: https://www.simmonsfirst.com/personal_banking/credit_cards/vp_notes.aspx
Toll free: 800 272 2102

  • 7.25% variable rate (prime plus 4%)
  • No balance transfer fee
  • No annual fee
  • Car rental coverage
  • No charge travel accident insurance
  • Skip the payment protection they’re trying to sell (Fighting Back! Page 121)

If you want to become credit card debt free, get a charge card instead.

American Express Green Card

On line at: https://www304.americanexpress.com/credit-card/green/25330
Toll free: 800 243 3888

  • ZERO INTEREST because you have to pay the balance in full each month! (Fighting Back! Page 108)
  • $95 annual fee (free the first year), but maybe it’ll be an investment not never again pay hundreds of dollars in interest. The one-step-up Gold card has a $125 annual fee but may be worth the extra perks, points and no charge insurance & travel coverage for you.
  • Membership reward points that can be transferred to a large number of airlines or guest programs or used for gift cards or merchandise and never expire.
  • Baggage insurance, roadside assistance, 24 hour hotline & car rental coverage. Cool feature is that the card also doubles the manufacturer’s warranty on most purchases.

Before you click or dial either one, remember:

  • Never take advantage of any balance transfer offers until you have the card, the rate, and the limit! (Fighting Back! Page 72)
  • If you already have two credit cards, number three won’t improve your credit score unless you get and keep the balances below 20% on each of them. (Fighting Back! Page 71)
  • The rates for the credit cards are based on “excellent credit.” What that means – they won’t tell you and it’s not disclosed on their application or site. You likely won’t get it with a score of less than 720, and it make take a 750 to get that base rate.
  • The American Express card is a charge-card with the supposed “no preset spending limit.” It has implications on your credit score that you need to understand! (Fighting Back! Page
  • These are a recommendation only as two good cards to start your comparison shopping for a new card. First click on the disclosure and understand all the details before you apply.

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