The Fighting Back! book has more than 65 web site links.

Here are some of the most critical and popular ones: 

To get your free annual credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus:

Want a free indication of your credit score? These four sites can supply it to you. But remember that it’s free, so you’ll get bombarded with targeted advertising as you will need to give them your personal information. And it’s not your real FICO score that lenders use!

Your REAL credit score is your FICO score used by more than 90% of financial institutions. You’ll have to pay for it at:

David Lazarus is the consumer columnist for the Los Angeles Times. His columns are always worth reading at:


One of the best sites for any and all information on identity theft is at:


Shane Rudman recommended: The PBS Frontline special “The Secret History of the Credit Card”