Six months ago I got your book and started using the tips on the debt paydown. I’ve now managed to pay off my first credit card of $1200. Now I’m using some of the budget stuff and it’s saved about $120/monthand now have an extra$200/month to attack 3 more credit cards. I am starting to pickup momentum, George! Thank you.

– Ken W.

George! 20 bucks has turned into $14,000 for me when I re-mortgaged last month. What can I possibly say and how can I ever thank you for what you do?

– Steve Y.

Just a note to let you know I saw your interview on TV last week and rushed out to get a copy of the It’s Your Money book. JUST in time to avoid a ton of hassle and extra expense buying my car this week! Your timing was perfect.

– Linda A.

Wow! Every tip in here is going to save me tons more than the cost of the book!

– Linda.S.

Just a note to thank you for the Primerica tip. Within a week they helped me in ways I could only dream about before.

– Steve.P.

Send me five more copies. I just saved $3420 on renewing my mortgage – that’s the kind of gift I want to give my friends.

– Cory V.

Hey George: This is really the only book on understanding credit. Everybody else just ells you how to manage your debt – now I can actually avoid it in the first place.

– Samil P.

Ok you did it. You got me challenged enough to get really made when I figured out it’s gonna take 8 years to pay off my credit card – thank you so much.

– Helen Y.

We would like to discuss using this in the Grade 11 Career and Life Skills classes for the coming school year.

– George. Forest Lawn High School

Just one problem. I wish I could turn back the clock and re-do my car financing – ouch – if only I had known…

– Dwayne C.

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  1. Rich G

    This book is great! All parents teach their kids about money the wrong way, this is the best tool on the subject! Start teaching the right way as early as possible!


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